Grace & Law

Grace and Law: Two Different Approaches to God

The following comparison between grace and law, two very different approaches to God, is based on a chart in the Nelson Study Bible (NKJV Study Bible).

Grace …Law …
is based on faith (2.16)is based on works (2.16)
justifies sinful men (2.16-17)cannot justify (2.16; 3.1)
has Christ at its heart (2.20)makes Christ nothing (5.3)
is the way of the Spirit (3.2, 3, 14)is the way of the flesh (3.3)
is a blessing (3.14)is a curse (3.13)
is an end in itself (3.23-25)was a means to an end (3.23-25)
results in intimacy with Christ (3.27)results in being severed from Christ (5.4)
makes one a son of God and co-heir with Christ (4.6-7)keeps one a slave (4.7)
brings liberty (5.1)results in slavery (5.1)
is powered by the Spirit (5.16-18)is powered by human effort (5.19-21)
is motivated by love (5.13-14)is motivated by pride (6.3, 13-14)
centers on the cross of Christ (6.12-14)centers on man-made rules (5.11; 6.12-15)

What a profound difference! Let us stand firm in the freedom that is ours made possible by the unmerited kindness of God.