the life of moses

Moses was a man of faith.

He chose to share the oppression of God’s people instead of enjoying the fleeting pleasures of sin.
God spoke with Moses face to face, and worked through him in incredible ways. The same God is at work in our lives today.

Join us as we look closer at the triumphs and troubles Moses experienced, and be encouraged by the God behind it all.

Teacher: Blane Barfknecht
Sundays beginning April 7- June 2024
9am in the Cornerstone Room
the life of moses


Would you like to know how to become a partner with Jesus Christ in His coming kingdom? 
Rather than undermining the assurance of the believer's security in Christ, this New Testament book challenges believers of the importance of continuing to be faithful servants of Jesus Christ- through the challenges and resistance we face every day.  

Teacher: Dr. Lonnie Hofer
Each Sunday at 10:45am in the Cornerstone Room