Identifying & Avoiding Legalism

Legalism has been a disease in the Christian church from the very beginning. Most would agree that legalism is not a good thing for the church. Nevertheless it easy for those who want to live a God honoring life to fall into legalism unintentionally.
In this class we will look at the different kinds of legalism found in scripture and how they manifest themselves today. We will also discuss the importance of Biblical balance. To avoid rules based legalism does not mean that there are no standards. We will ask the question, 'What are God's expectations for His followers today?'

Teacher: Blane Barfknecht
Each Sunday at 9am in the Cornerstone Room beginning September 10

Debates in Salvation Theology

Grow in your understanding of God's Word in this captivating class on Debates in Salvation Theology. From September - October you will explore fundamental questions that have ignited intense discussions among scholars, theologians, and believers for centuries. In this illuminating course, we journey through riveting debates that lie at the heart of Christian thought, shedding light on the diverse perspectives that shape our understanding of salvation theology and what it means to be Christians. 

Topics include: Original Sin: Do Babies who die go to Heaven? Spiritual Death: What does it mean to be "dead in sin"? Election: Are Calvinists the only ones who believe in election? Eternal Security: Why do some disagree and how do they interpret Scripture? The Extent of the Atonement: Who can be saved by the blood of Jesus? 

Teacher:Randy Whitman
Each Sunday at 10:45am in the Cornerstone Room beginning September 10