Honey for the heart

Led by Lydia Tschetter and Michelle Wilkinson

Times:  Tuesday evening, 7-8:30 and Wednesday morning 9:30-11
Runtime:  10 weeks starting September 8 and 9

Michelle and Lydia are developing a study guide for all of you, covering 10 of our favorite Psalms.   The first four we choose will also correspond to the four Psalms covered in the book by Linda Dillow, “A Deeper Kind of Calm”, which we will be using for this study.   Lydia will teach for the first four weeks and then Michelle will teach the last six weeks.  After a short teaching time each week,  we will use ZOOM breakout groups to have discussion.

We need everyone to register and purchase your own book, "A Deeper Kind of Calm",  which you can find on  Amazon for about $10.  We will let you know when the study guides are ready to pick up from the church office.  The cost of the study guides is being covered by our women’s ministries.  

As we start this ZOOM Bible study, there will be opportunities to get to know the group and to pray for each other.    The breakout groups will be the same each week for five weeks and then change, to new groups for five weeks.    We hope the times of these studies allow you to use nap times and evenings for your children's care.   We believe these "ZOOM" studies are the best option for the whole group right now, with so many at-risk women needing to stay at home.

The Honey for the Heart Psalms Study notebooks will be ready for pick up in the church office on starting Sunday. August 30.
  The first lesson should be done by the first day of Bible study.  
You can sign up using the form below...