Sexuality and Gender Live Online Parent Forum 

Date & Time: April 11, 6-8 pm

Parents face many challenges in raising their kids to follow Jesus, but one of the biggest challenges today is in the area of sexuality and gender. Questions abound - How and when do I talk to my kids about sex? Does talking about sex need to be a big deal? What do I do about porn? How do I engage in the conversation surrounding LGBTQ+? What about my past mistakes?

To help parents engage these tough questions surrounding sex, sexuality, and gender our CBC Youth Ministry is sponsoring a Live Online Parent Forum. This will be a live and online event that you will view and participate in from your home.

It will be led by Jason Soucinek. Jason is the Executive Director and founder of Project Six19, a biblically based ministry dedicated to providing resources for parents, pastors, and young adults that help them navigate our rapidly changing and sexualized cultural landscape through teachings, books, podcasts, and e-courses.

Jason will help parents navigate scripture and provide practical application in order to better engage conversations about sex, sexuality, and gender with their children. The forum is geared towards parents of teenagers but any parent, grandparent, or caring adult is welcome to attend. It will include a presentation from Jason as well as a Q & A time (questions will be entered anonymously via an online chat site).

It is free to view and participate in the event but you must register by clicking on the link below. Once you register you will receive automatic email updates that will include a unique URL to participate the night of the event.

If you have any questions about the event please contact Pastor Jeremy.

Registration site: