Winter 2019 Adult Bible Classes


This class is intended to help you establish a basic understanding of each of the doctrines or teachings of the Christian faith.  Although newcomers are encouraged to attend this class, anyone is welcome to join this study. 

Teachers:  Pastors Charles Tschetter & Seth Gheen
Location:  Room 201, Upper Level
Time:  9:30am 


The Parables of Jesus

Jesus was a master teacher. One of His most effective methods of teaching was through parables. Parables are short, simple stories that shed light on difficult truths using common illustrations all people could understand. 

The parables help us to find the will of God for our lives today; they teach us how to relate to one another, how to relate to God, and how to prepare for the future.

Teacher: Blane Barfknecht
Location:  CBC Gymnasium
Time:  9:30am