Sermon Outlines

2-05-2017- How to Respond to Those in Authority Over Us
2-12-2017- The Believer and Money
2-19-2017-  O Man Of God
2-26-2017- God's Work in Today's World- Through Us
3-12-2017- Cold Love
3-19-2017- Faithful Unto Death
3-26-2017- The Peril of Compromise
4-02-2017- Hold Fast
4-23-2017- Wake Up
4-30-2017- The Little Church That Could
05-14-2017- The Lukewarm Church
05-28-2017- The Annunciation and the Amazing Aftermath
06-04-2017- Seeking God
06-11-2017- The Goodness of God
06-18-2017- The Sovereignty of God
06-25-2017- The Holiness of God
07-16-2017- Our Wise God
07-23-2017- Our Just God
07-30-2017- God Is Faithful
08-06-2017- God Is Love
08-20-2017- God is Glorious
08-27-2017- A Strategy For Giving
09-10-2017- Racism & The Believer
10-01-2017- The Full Extent of the Savior's Love
10-08-2017- People of the Towel
10-15-2017- The Great Betrayal
10-22-2017- A New Command
11-05-2017- Truth for Troubled Hearts
12-03-2017- Knowing God
12-10-2017- Amazing Truths of Jesus' Birth- pt. 1
12-17-2017- Amazing Truths of Jesus' Birth- pt.2
01-07-2018- Learning to say "Yes" to the Holy Spirit
01-14-2018- The Fullness of the Spirit
01-21-2018- A Biblical View of Finances
01-28-2018- Giving to Your Local Church
02-04-2018- Greater Works
02-11-2018- What It Means to Love the Lord
02-25-2018- Life, Peace & Obedience: Results of the Holy Spirit Within
03-18-2018- The Key To a Fruitful Life
03-25-2018- Loving Like Jesus in an Isolated Society
04-08-2018- Since the World Hates You
04-15-2018- What Should I Expect? 
04-29-2018- The Holy Spirit & The Son
05-13-2018- Final Words:  Joy, Love, Peace
05-20-2018- How We Can Pray for Ourselves & Others
05-27-2018- Jesus Prays for His Disciples
06-03-2018- Unity in the Body of Christ
06-10-2018- Why Do Christians Disagree About What the Bible Teaches?
06-17-18- How Do I Forgive When It's Not Easy?
06-24-18- Why Am I Apathetic in My Christian Life?
07-01-18- How Can I Overcome Feelings of Having Failed God?
07-08-2018- How Should I Think About and Deal With Pain in My Life?
07-15-2018- How Do Christians, Manifest Joy, When Life Does Not Give Us the Things We Hoped For
07-22-2018- What is a Spiritual Gift and How Do I Know Which One I Have? 
07-29-2018- Is it Consistent to Ask for Healing Even Though We Believe the Gift of Healings Has Ceased?
08-05-2018- What is the "balance" between Obedience and Grace in the Christian Life?
08-12-2018- Is it Possible to Fail in the Christian Life?
08-19-2018- How Does the Believer Walk the Line Between Licentiousness & Legalism?
08-26-2018- What To Do When  You've Lost Your First Love
09-16-2018- Isolation & Attack:  How Fellowship Groups Provide Spiritual Protection
09-23-2018- Discipling Like Jesus Discipled
09-30-2018- An Invitation to Fellowship