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As part of our mission, we want to assist you in as many ways as possible in your spiritual growth.   Check this page for resources designed to help you strengthen your relationship with the Lord, and deepen your understanding of spiritual things. 

As you begin walking with the Savior, remember you're never alone.  Jesus Christ promises that He will be with you ALWAYS (Matthew 28.20).    Knowing that promise, you can walk victoriously and confidently face whatever may come your way!

Sermons & Messages
Sermon Outlines/Notes
Pastor Tschetter's "Footnotes"

Bible Reading Plans for 2018
     52 Week Bible Reading Plan
    5 Day Bible Reading Program
    Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Bible Reading Apps
YouVersion (Bible App)

Grace Based Resources: 
Free Grace Alliance (CBC is a member)
Sonic Light- Dr. Thomas Constable (study notes on the entire Bible)
Evantell- The Gospel. Clear & Simple

Additional Resources: 
Spiritual Gifts Survey
Answers in Genesis (CBC uses AIG curriculum in grades pre-K through 5th grade)
Bible Gateway (World Watch List)
FEBC (CBC is a member in the FEBC)
FEBC Christian Ministry Scholarship Forms
FEBC Pastoral Reference Forms
Resources for Parents

If you ever have questions about any material you’ve come across, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Contact Us