Foundations Class

Knowing What We Believe and Why...

You are invited to join us in our study of the doctrines (teachings) of the Christian faith. We suggest visiting this Sunday School class until you have gone through all the doctrinal ports.  After that point, we invite you to join one of the Adult Bible Classes where books of the Bible and related topics are studied in depth.


The Foundations class is intended to help you establish a basic understanding of each of the doctrines in our doctrinal statement, and to teach the basic church policy by which Community Bible functions.  Having laid a firm foundation for your faith, you now can grow spiritually and remain steadfast in the Lord.


With each major doctrine we study, you will receive corresponding material that will help you think through what are in many cases challenging subjects to understand. We do not easily grasp the Trinity, that Jesus Christ was both God and man, or how the sovereignty of God and our free will work together.

However, the Spirit of God will be our Teacher, and we will trust Him to help us comprehend spiritual truth about God and His plans and purposes for us.

The notes aren’t inspired (only the Word of God is), so please ask questions and challenge statements! The Bible is our final authority.

Doctrines Surveyed

Bibliology: Doctrine of the Bible

       How did we get our Bible?
       Can it be trusted?
       What are manuscripts?

Theology Proper: Doctrine of God

      Does God exist?
      What is He like?
      What is the Trinity?

Christology: Doctrine of Christ

      Did Jesus exist before Bethlehem?
     Why is the virgin birth important?
     Was Jesus human or divine?
      What is He doing now?

Pneumatology: Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

     Is the Holy Spirit a real person?
     What does He do?
     What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
     Does He indwell in all believers?

Angelology: Doctrines of Angels, Satan, and Demons

     What are angels?
     What is their function?
     Where did Satan come from?
     Are demons active today?

Anthropology: Doctrine of Man

     What is man's origin?
     What is man's nature?

Hamartiology: Doctrine of Sin

     What is sin?
     What does the battle against sin involve?

Soteriology: Doctrine of Salvation

     What is election?
     What does redemption mean?
     Can you lose your salvation?

Ecclesiology: Doctrine of the Church

      What is the church's purpose?
     What are the ordinances of the church?
      How does CBC function?

Eschatology: Doctrine of Last Things

     Is the tribulation for believers?
     What is the Millennium?
    What will eternity be like?