Meet our Missionaries

Due to the sensitivity of their ministry and location, some of our CBC roster missionaries are not listed or have abbreviate bios.  The Lord is blessing their ministries and they, too, ask for prayer as they continue to share the Gospel, disciple new believers and be a testimony to those with whom they have contacts.

Joseph & Marthe Camara
Place of Ministry: Mali, West Africa
Mission Agency: Evangelical Protestant Church of Mali
Ministry: Joseph serves as the President of the Evangelical Protestant Church of Mali as well as regularly hosting a radio show which airs weekly, and Marthe provides is active in women’s ministries within the Malian church.

Place of Ministry: Spain/Morocco
Mission Agency: Avant Ministries
Ministry: Working in creative media to create Christian programs in Arabic.

Alycia Homeyer
Place of Ministry: The Netherlands
Mission Agency: The Navigators
Ministry: Leadership Development and International Student Ministry
Alycia’s Blog


Gretchen Larsen
Place of Ministry: Bolivia
Mission Agency: Avant Ministries
Ministry: Teaching English and serving at Hebron Theological Seminary.

Bob & Carolyn Lee
Place of Ministry: Residing in Nebraska while working for the people of Papua New Guinea
Mission Agency: Wycliffe Bible Translators
Ministry: Working in translation consulting and facilitating to check translation for national translators.



Steve & Mikki Schmidt
Place of Ministry:
Mission Website:
Agency: Sudan Interior Mission
Ministry: Steve serves as the Field Director for SIM in Niger and helps to coordinate and lead over 100 adult missionaries involved in several ministries throughout the country. Mikki works full time at Sahel Academy, an international Christian school.

Ron & Donna Schumacher
Place of Ministry: Philippines
Mission Agency: Wycliffe Bible Translators
Ministry: Checking Bible translations, training Bible translators and consultants
Donna’s Blog

Sam & Tawnya Smith
Place of Ministry: Camp Forest Springs, WI
Mission Agency: Camp Forest Springs
Ministry: Sam serves as building maintenance assistant as well as in a host of other roles as needed at camp throughout the year. Tawnya serves in women’s ministry, leading worship and planning events. She is also at home with their three children.


Lee & Michelle Sonius 
Place of Ministry: Accra, Ghana
Mission Agency: Reach Beyond
Ministry: Serving as Regional Directors of Reach Beyond Radio in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ken & Lori Stucky 
Place of Ministry: Mossoro, Brazil
Mission Agency: Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission
Ministry: Running ALPHA, a Christian school and providing leadership to Christ is Life Church in Mossoro.

Vernard & Rosalie Stucky 
Place of Ministry: Arlington, TX
Mission Agency: Avant Ministries
Ministry: Directors of a teaching ministry, discipleship, and Bible studies with Brazilians living in Arlington. 


Brynden Wiens 
Place of Ministry: Juneau, Alaska
Mission Agency: Avant Ministries
Ministry: Echo Ranch Bible Camp – Providing a fun safe place where people of all ages have the opportunity to meet their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ through camping ministry.

Dennis and Cindy Wiens 
Place of Ministry: N. Africa & the Middle East
Mission Agency: SAT-7
Ministry: Dennis is the U.S. Director of Church Connections.

Wes & Laurie Wilcox 
Place of Ministry: Zambia
Mission Agency: New Day Orphanage
Ministry: Co-directors at New Day Orphanage.


Joe & Denise
Place of Ministry: Central Asia
Mission Agency: Avant Ministries
Ministry: Publishing.