Awana At Home- Cubbies, Sparks, Truth & Training

Hello Awana Families! With the limits on public gatherings in place until at least April 30, we will not be able to meet for Awana for at least that length of time. If we are able to return for our last week of May 6 and Awards Night May 13, we will do so. I will keep you informed on that as we get closer to the date. This email contains instructions on how all kids can continue working through their Awana books at home.

An important part of book work is memorizing verses. For all clubs, kids can now recite their verses to you, and you can sign and date the book where it says Leader Signature or Leader Initials. Every child has a different comfort level with saying verses, and I encourage you to challenge your child, but not frustrate them with the process. If they've been working really hard, but still have a word or two incorrect, go ahead and count it as long as the meaning of the verse hasn't changed. If they get stuck and need a hint or two, offer it. 
Puggles and Cubbies do not need to submit information about which verses they have said at home.

Journey students will submit verses directly to Jeremy Wissink. Sparks, T&T, and Trek will all submit completed sections online, at this link:


Each child will require a separate submission, but the process is very easy. Only submit the sections that your kids are completing at home now, everything they've said up to this point is already recorded. I encourage you all to continue working on your book on Wednesday, or whenever you would normally work on it. Routine is good! You are welcome to submit sections weekly, or just do a big submission at the end of the month. Please submit all the sections your kids have completed by April 30. Whether or not we are able to get together for our Awards Night, kids will still be able to earn awards through this time.

Additionally, I am creating a video each week in a new series called The Science of Grace, where I will be mixing Bible teaching with Science Experiments. These will be available on YouTube and the CBC Facebook page every Wednesday, so feel free to incorporate them into your Awana time.

Puggles - Puggles do not have the same handbook setup as other clubs, but can continue working through the Puggle curriculum. Each week the Puggles learn a Big Truth, such as God Gives Good Things. Below is a link to the Scope and Sequence of the Puggles curriculum, that contains the Big Truths and Bible stories that go with them. I encourage to continue with one each week, helping your child to memorize the Big Truth and understand it using the Bible Story. Reading it from a Kids' bible with pictures would be a great way to work through these. The last one the Puggles completed was 3:5, God Loves Me When I'm Afraid.

Cubbies - Cubbies can continue working through their book at the same pace of one section a week. Each Bear Hug section has a Cubbie story to read, a Bible story to read, and a memory verse. Kids can say either the short or long version of the verse, whichever is appropriate for them. The plan now is for them to receive the stickers and patches they've earned at Awards Night. To stay on course, Cubbies should do Bear Hug 21 this week, and one more each following week.

If you need assistance in working through Cubbies material, please contact Cubbies Director Lauren Gates at 

Sparks - Sparkies can continue working through their books at whatever pace they choose, just like normal. I encourage you to set a pace that will allow them to have work to do each week, as we are not able to distribute new books. If a child completes their handbook, there are sections of it that can be done again for review points; those can be found in the link above for submitting verses. 

Each section in the Sparks books have verses to look up, a Bible story to read, and a verse to memorize. Once the child has worked through all these, you can sign off on the section. For ease of submission, I've created the form so that you only need to submit when a new Jewel is earned, which happens every four sections. 

For assistance in working through the Sparks material, please contact Sparks Director Sarah Overkamp at  .

T&T - Boys and Girls in T&T should continue working through their books at a pace of one section per week. This week they should be on Section 4:3. In the submission form linked above, you will find that each section has a date next to it, to help you stay on track. Additionally, previous sections can be completed, including Silver and Gold Extra Credit. When reporting sections, you will see a question that allows you to type in any older sections they have completed. 

To complete a T&T section, a child should work through the Start Here and Explore sections, and learn the red Memorize verse. Once those are done, you can sign off on the section as completed. The Silver and Gold Extra Credit are not required but can earn extra points and awards. The Silver Extra Credit is an additional study, while the Gold is four additional verses. With all the disruption in our lives right now, you might find this to be a good time to encourage your child to take the time to work through the Silver and Gold extra credits.

For assistance in working through the T&T material, please contact the Girls Director Leah Stortvedt at  , or the Boys Director Don Prell at  .

Trek and Journey - Families of Trek and Journey should look for another email from Pastor Jeremy Wissink outlining how to work from home with these two clubs, and refer to him for any questions or assistance at  .

Everyone - Thank you for taking the time to continue to work through the Awana material at home. If you have any questions about upcoming dates and events, or issues with submitting completed sections, please direct them to me and I'll do my best to assist you. I look forward to when we can all be together again!