CBC elder, Blane Barfknecht  teaches from the New Testament book of James.

The Epistle of James challenges us to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. In its pages, we learn that faith changes the way we live our lives.
It shows us what true religion really looks like. Join us as we consider the very practical wisdom of James.

Answering Objections to the Gospel

A  new adult Bible class will begin on Sunday, October 10.  This class will be presented by the Gospel In Grace outreach team, and is entitled, "Answering Objections to the Gospel."  It will be presented in two parts, beginning on November 7 and  again on November 14.

They will focus on how to answer common objections to the Gospel. Bring your Bibles and your  questions.

When:  Sunday mornings  November 7  & 14 @9:30am
Where: CBC Gymnasium, Lower Level