Sermon Outlines

2-05-2017- How to Respond to Those in Authority Over Us
2-12-2017- The Believer and Money
2-19-2017-  O Man Of God
2-26-2017- God's Work in Today's World- Through Us
3-12-2017- Cold Love
3-19-2017- Faithful Unto Death
3-26-2017- The Peril of Compromise
4-02-2017- Hold Fast
4-23-2017- Wake Up
4-30-2017- The Little Church That Could
05-14-2017- The Lukewarm Church
05-28-2017- The Annunciation and the Amazing Aftermath
06-04-2017- Seeking God
06-11-2017- The Goodness of God
06-18-2017- The Sovereignty of God